Peacock Soul (Make-Up Tutorial)



PP1.jpgHi Everyone!


I love animals and pseudoscience. My boyfriend for my birthday  gave me a book about discovering my animal spirit(s). My favorite animals are jellyfishes, seahorses and peacocks. When I read about the peacock as a totem it really inspire me to create this look. A peacock is here to remind that nothing, including beauty, should be taken too seriously. This will help you stay centered on what is important and allow you to be grateful for what you have. 


Here’s a picture of my look:






This eye make-up was simple just follow these steps and your eyes will be gorgeous.

  1. Prime your eyes                             IMG_7823
  2. I like to start from the outer corner to the inner corner. So on the crease and outer corner apply a shimmer brown. Blend well. (wet n’ wild trio)IMG_7818
  3. Then add a dark chocolate brown only on the crease and blend well. (merle norman trio)                                    IMG_7817
  4. Now to the front part. Apply a shimmery emerald green. I’m using Merle Norman single eyeshadow in charcoal green. If your green is not really pigmented dip your brush in eye drops or use Mac’s Fix+ spray to intensify the green. IMG_7819
  5. In the inner corner apply a lime green  (M.N trio too)IMG_7828
  6. Tight-line your eye. I used  MAC’s eye liner in the color engraved (black). IMG_7831
  7. Apply liquid eyeliner and wing it. I used Physician Formula Eye booster eyeliner. (it’s my favorite)
  8. On the under eye I used a green eyeliner from Em Cosmetics in Emerald. I smudged it half into the inner corner. On the inner corner I applied the lime green eye shadow and blend well.          IMG_7824
  9. Lastly, apply mascara and eye lashes if you want and your done (: !





  1. Apply a Purple lip liner and a Purple lipstick. I used Heroine by MAC.
  2. With a brush pick up shimmery blue eyeshadow and apply on the lips and blend well to give it an iridescent look.


*** this is not part of this tutorial, but I’ve been wanting to come up with a name to greet all of you. I came up with calling all you my “Jellies”. Jellyfishes are beautiful and unique like each one of you. Being a jellyfish means you allow yourself to shine from within and I feel like all you are like that :D! So from now on my greetings will be different.




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